Terms and Rental Agreement

Please call 715-684-3700 to place your order prior to completing the form below.
The following is a rental agreement that is required before we can place the container in the desired location. Please review the following terms:

Unacceptable Materials:

Any hazardous materials including but not limited to asbestos containing materials, paints, liquids of any nature, solvents, septic tank pumpings, sludges, dead animals, fluorescent light bulbs, electronics, tires, appliances and yard waste or cement. You will be fined based on the quantity, origin and level of contamination of unacceptable materials. 
For more information about where you can get rid of these materials please call Murtha Sanitation at 715 684-3700.

Loading Containers: 

Please fill the boxes as close to level full as possible. We need to tarp the containers in order to haul them away.

Additional Charges: 

When you order the box, you will be told what the maximum weight limit is for the box depending on the size. Over the allotted weight limit, you will be billed at our current overage fee of $100 per ton. If you paid with credit card, the overage fee will be billed upon weighing the box and an invoice with the weight will be sent to you. The rental timeline is 7 days, there is a $10 charge per day thereafter.

Driveway Waiver: 

Murtha Sanitation, Inc. is not liable for damage of any nature or kind incurred by my request to move past the curb line or right away limits and acknowledge willingness to pay wrecker fees or cost in repairing damaged property. Murtha Sanitation, Inc. is not liable for any damage that the weight of the boxes and/or trucks may cause to the surface it is being placed on.

Please complete the following electronic agreement.